How to Turn Your Passions to Profit

FBH #003: How to Turn Your Passions to Profit

In today’s issue, I am going to share practical steps that can help you turn your passions to profit.

If you can implement these steps, you’ll immediately see a few benefits

·        Have a sense of fulfillment

·        Make more money

·        Do something you care about

·        Work more independently

·        Have more flexibility

Progress in each of the steps will give you the confidence you need to go further and deeper into becoming more fulfilled as a person.

Unfortunately, not many people are willing to take that leap and step outside of their comfort zone.

But all of that can change if you know how

You were born unique

Now, I do not say this to sound in anyway cliché, but from a deep understanding that God never makes a mistake. It means that if you are to understand how to live your most fulfilled life here on earth, more of the work will need to come from you and not him. So brace up and give it all it takes.

These are 5 steps you start taking immediately to get you closer to living more profitably

  1. Identify your interests
  2. Build a combination of skills
  3.  Figure out your niche and ideal client
  4.  Offer work for free to build a portfolio
  5. Establish your business

I’m going to show you how I became a multi-skilled creative professional in 2 years and founded a creative agency afterwards.

Step 1: Identify your interests

The key to identifying your interest area is to figure out the things that come naturally to you. Consider your hobbies, and topics that capture your attention.

identify your passions

Reach out to those around you and ask them what they think you enjoy the most.

For me, my interests were in the creative arts and music. I loved singing, acting and really loved to see ideas come to life. I did all of these effortlessly

Step 2: Build a combination of skills

After discovering your interests, the next step is to develop some skill sets along that line as this will improve your knowledge and increase your marketability level. Some of the ways you can do that is to

·        Build a career path

·        Seek apprenticeship from a skilled professional

·        Take courses online

learn some skills

It is said that you should practice your passion for 10,000 hours to become a master

For me, I discovered a graphics design tool by chance and it changed everything for me, as I now had a tool with which I brought to life my thoughts and ideas.

Step 3: Figure out your niche and Ideal Client

The next step involves you figuring out your preferred niche and the type of client you want to work with.

Pick a niche

For example, if you are passionate about baking and you end up going to a catering school to get skilled. Step 3 would mean that you ask yourself what available niche within the catering industry would like to focus on – production/sale, cookies, pastries or wedding cakes.

Be intentional about this as it will give you greater clarity and make you more focused on determining how to reach your target clients

Step 4: Offer work for free to build a portfolio

Before charging money, I recommend you give people a taste of your service first.

The aim here is simple – you can do work as TEST projects to build up your portfolio thereby establishing your skill and potential.

Build a portfolio

Note that solving real life problems will come with its own challenge, when you experience this, go back to the drawing board and look for solutions.

Step 5: Establish your business

After these steps, you should feel more confident about your work. Next comes the best part – Establishing your business.


Market and sell your services

Building a brand takes time, but with consistent and devoted efforts, you will begin to see real progress.

Develop a strong service offering with detailed pricing and start to market your products. You should also join a strong community of likeminded people and see how they get businesses in.

Lastly, establish yourself on the web with a strong social media presence and share engaging contents to draw users in.

There you go, make some money

To Recap,

1.      Identify your interests

2.      Build a combination of skills

3.      Figure out your niche and Ideal Client

4.      Offer work for free to build a portfolio

5.      Establish your business

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