Super charge your brand on socials.

The Design for socials with canva is a course designed to teach you how to create stunning social media graphics with Canva for your business and clients

Kelvin Ebuka
Kelvin Ebuka
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Excellent course and service delivery, you're the best in customer satisfaction. Thank you so much
Temilade olajide
Temilade olajide
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Thanks for being thoughtful. Though I missed your free webinar, I am glad to use the resources you sent. I believe they would help catch up. I would let you know if I encounter any challenges
Akinsola Enioluwa
Akinsola Enioluwa
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Thank you very much for sharing the videos and resources. I'm super grateful. I'm a beginner in graphics design. I enjoy designing and might just pursue a career in it. Thank you once again.

Trying to decide if the Design for socials with Canva course is for you?

Who, specifically, is this course for?

Complete beginners, design novices, and traditional artists looking to add digital skills to their toolbelt will get a lot out of this course

Solopreneurs and entrepreneurs and people with little time or money to spend for design services for your business, blogs, websites, books and more. 

For Students and fresh graduates who want to get a digital skill and seize the money making opportunities in the tech industry.

People looking for the most useful canva tool and techniques should take this course. 

Busy people who want to be up and running asap

Who should not buy this course for?

If you already have a framework for creating high quality graphics for social media, or you already have a good side gig that pays good money, this course is probably not for you.

This course is focused on people who want to save time, money, and sanity by learning how to finally make your own images without having to always pay someone else to do them for you. You can watch and follow along with me as I show you through case studies how I make professional-looking social media graphics images using the free online tools Canva.

What You'll Learn Inside the course



Uncover every Canva tool and how to use it to start designing for socials


Layout and Composition

Understand simple design principles to make your work pop



Learn how to animate design elements and give your work that extra touch



Multiple ways to export, resize and get the best for every marketing collateral you design

Miss nothing with the basics of Canva

Learn the first thing you should know when you open the Canva software and how to start sharing your files to other users

Learn Principles that define design

With these well-grounded foundational principles of design, you can make anything absolutely stunning.

Module 2
Module 3

Practice makes you progress

Work on multiple examples with Canva and begin to bring your ideas to life

Frequently Asked Questions

Who, specifically, is this course for?

This course was created for solopreneurs and entrepreneurs and people with little time or money to spend for design services for your business, blogs, websites, books and more. 

For Students, complete beginners and design novices who want to get a digital skill and seize the money making opportunities in the tech industry.

For fresh graduates who have just left school or completed their NYSC and want to build a career in graphics design and start earning immediately.

Why should I care about this course?

You should.

In today’s “digital economy”, you’re seriously behind if you don’t have a rock-solid visual representation of your brand and work online and this course can teach you how to do that 

What do I learn in this course?

  1. You will learn easy and quick ways to create professional social media graphics in minutes using free online tools
  2. You will learn the most essential and useful tools in a canva
  3. You learn how to animate elements and work with motion using Canva
  4. You will learn to absorb the most important design principles as we work together making real social media graphics for a real client
  5. You will learn to understand how to better choose and organize type, images, colors, and layout in your designs
  6. You will learn to see how to schedule and deliver graphics through the free social media post-planning tool, buffer
  7. You will learn to get a birds-eye view of the design process from concept to the final product by following step by step case studies

How long is the course and what format is it in?

The course is roughly 2 hours long broken down into smaller chunks you can easily assimilate and is a video course with some additional resources

Can you provide a custom invoice?

We provide receipts with the following information only: Date purchased, transaction #, payment method, and  product purchased

What do I do If I am stuck ?

Because of the way the courses have been delivered, you will hardly get stuck if you follow through with the instructions given. 

However, you will be able to use a 30mins free 1-1 session with Tobi Akinyele if you buy this course. This session can be used to discuss all of the concerns you have.

How do I get my 4 FREE business guides?

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