The Ultimate Beginners
Course to Building a Brand

This 2 Course bundle is packed with more than 8 lessons that helps you in building a wow brand. It covers everything from having clarity about your brand to understanding your audience, and writing a firm positioning statement that win hearts and stands you out. It includes a 20+ presentation, exercises, toolkits, systems and much more! It’s my hope that with this course, you can be on your way to creating a beautiful brand


Enroll Now and save more than 50%. Official Course Price: N30,000

This course will help you succeed in your business as a start up, solopreneur, or an old business seeking to rebrand.

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Live Coaching Session

BrandGROWTH with Tobi

Learn how to position your business for success

  • Position your brand with strategy to attract more clients
  • Know exactly what do with brand statements that rock
  • Learn who your clients are and their pain points
  • Develop your brand components using my kits
  • Execute better communication strategies to improve your visibility
  • Build a reputation that is trusted and can be easily replicated
  • And much, much more!


Enroll Now and save more than 50%. Official Course Price: N30,000

What’s inside the 2 course bundle?

Bundle A: Defining your Brand Strategy

In this bundle, I walk you through the fundamental principles of building a reputable brand. Getting this right will give you a solid foundation on which you can steadily build on. The lessons in this course include learning how to define your brand, what you do and who you serve, strategies to help you prepare for market or product launch. This course also includes a lesson that contains some of the foundational principles that were at the heart of my success as an entrepreneur

Included in this bundle:

Lesson 1: Defining your why

Lesson 2: Defining Defining your brand values

Lesson 3: Defining your target audience

Lesson 4: Defining your value proposition

Lesson 4: Defining your brand value

Lesson 5: Your Brand Positioning Statement

  • More than 20+ paged presentation
  • 1 downloadable sheet with 5 exercises
  • How to have the right mindset for success as a startup
  • Strategies to help you prepare your MVP
  • Marketing preparation, including the materials you need to start selling your services
  • Fundamental principles that were instrumental to the growth of my agency

Bundle B: Develop your Brand Tools

In this bundle, I walk you through the details of crafting the perfect logo for your brand, you will so learn how to communicate online through your brand assets. Lastly, you will learn how to build a good social media presence and be present

Included in this bundle:

Lesson 1: Defining your logo

Lesson 2: Your Brand Website

Lesson 3: Your Social Media Kits

Lesson 4: Building brand reputation

  • More than 20+ paged presentation
  • 1 toolkit
  • 1 Linked sheet
  • Design consultancy
  • 1 hr Coaching Call
Rotiba EmmanuelFinancial Officer
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My idea took a new turn indeed with Brandvillrs involvement. This is a remarkable course indeed.
Midela Global ResourcesPhotographer
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Our discussion gave me a lot of insight into what direction to head business wise, and this was indeed something I really needed.
Tanies EventsEvents Planner
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Wow, I loved our session together, as it was straight to the point and very insightful. Thank you

BrandGROWTH with Tobi

The Ultimate brand course: 2 Course bundle


Enroll Now and save more than 50%. Official Course Price: N30,000